Worthiness doesn’t have prerequisites.

Brene Brown

You.  Yes, YOU!  Right there, thinking you’re the only one.

You.  Yes, YOU!  The one who is muscling through.  That’s such hard work.

You.  Yes, YOU!   The one putting on her makeup and white knuckling it through PTA meetings.  I see you, sister.

You.  Yes, YOU!  The one who everyone thinks has it all together, and you- Yes, YOU!  The one who everyone sees falling apart.  You are the same.

You.  Yes, YOU!  Looking at Facebook and thinking that your life doesn’t measure up.

You.  Yes, YOU!  The one trying SO HARD to be all things to all people.

You.  Yes, YOU!  The one pretending to be small so others can feel big.

You.  Yes, YOU!  The one deciding her dreams are less important than everyone else’s.

You.  Yes, YOU!  The one who deflects every compliment given to her.  The one who hands off credit to everyone else.

You.  Yes, YOU!  The one who will do just about anything not to feel the feelings.

You.  Yes, YOU!  The one with the pretty house, filled with pretty things, living a pretty life- the one who knows that pretty is paper thin, and worth exactly nothing.

You.  Yes, YOU!  The one hustling, hustling, hustling- not because there is so much to do, but because stillness is excruciating.  Because you feel as though you need to earn your place in this world, every second of every day.

You.  Yes, YOU!  The one who gives with abandon, but doesn’t take the time to fill back up.  The one who forgets that you cannot give away what you do not have.

YOU.  I see you.  I’ve been you- each and every one of you.

You have gifts to give this world.  You ARE a gift to this world.

You showed up, on your first day here on earth, already enough.  The world got a little better, a little more beautiful with your arrival.

You’ve got the part, you can stop auditioning.

For some reason, during this season of what SHOULD feel like abundance, should be filled with gratitude and wonder- during this season when everything around you should be reminding you of the miracle of life, that you are a beloved child of God- for some reason it is all HARDER.  And it’s not just you.  I need you to remember that, friend.  It is not just you.

You are seen.  You are loved.  You are HERE.

3 Comments on “You.

  1. Sometimes I think you are perched on my shoulder knowing exactly how I think, how I live. Couldn’t have described me any better if you were.


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