House Rules


Oookay, friends.

Let me preface this by saying I am new to blogging, and I am almost certainly doing things wrong. That’s fine. I’ll learn.

In Others’ Words is a moderated blog. I went back and forth about that, honestly. Until this morning I had never declined approval on a comment.

I consider myself fair game. You want to take me to task for something, or have strong opinions about something I’ve said- whatever. I’m certainly not going to only approve complimentary and supportive comments- that would be ridiculous.

I am drawing a line in the sand, though. Right here, right now.

Whatever the intention of this blog was when I started it, it has become a place where people are sharing their stories, sometimes for the very first time. There is BRAVERY happening here.

If you choose to denigrate someone who is sharing their truth and making themselves vulnerable, if you choose to name call, and shame, and judge someone other than me, let me be crystal clear- your comment will never see the light of day. Particularly if you do it from the cheap seats- hiding behind anonymity.

Save yourself some time. Go read a Brené Brown​ book. Go for a walk. Find something else to do, because I will not have it.

In possibly related news, I may or may not have watched one too many Olivia Pope clips on youtube this morning.

26 Comments on “House Rules

  1. i *love* Brenne Brown! i think that there is an enormous difference between sharing an honest opinion and being a cruel person, who likely knows that they are being cruel if they need to hide behind anonymous. Frankly, i think you shouldn’t stand for attacks on you, either. 1. For your own benefit and 2. because it inhibits the feeling that this is a safe place (for everyone). i’m sorry someone lacked integrity.

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    • I think attacks on me are fair. I only had one truly negative response to He Wrote it Down. I approved it, responded (I hope) respectfully- challenged him where I felt it was appropriate- and moved on. It’s important to me that readers know that just because I am okay with that for myself doesn’t mean I will stand for it when it comes to their stories- make sense?

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  2. I thought “He Wrote It Down” was gutsy and fabulous and beautiful and full of truth and hurt. I was totally mesmerized while reading it and it should be applauded.

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  3. Preach, girl. I love your enthusiasm and your protectiveness for your readers. Never let anyone tear you down.
    And I’m totally in the same Olivia Pope boat…. I always get much better at making arguments after I watch some Scandal…

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  4. May I second the gutsy, fab and beautiful commenter. I’ve worked in victim services and I was holding my breath hoping your officer was empathic and didn’t minimize your experiences. I salute your courage and know there are so many others who are silently suffering. You are and will be a heroine to countless people, young and old, male and female.

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  5. Way to go~it is your blog and you can go OP on anyone that puts down anyone brave enough to share her/his story! ❤


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