Officer Paul is still awesome, just in case you were wondering.


We had coffee with him this morning, and caught him up on the amazing things that have come out of the simple act of his taking our story seriously and treating us with such dignity.  I am certain when we walked into that police station he did not anticipate hundreds of thousands of people reading an account of his conduct- he was just doing the right thing.  He was just writing it down.

God bless him for that.

12 Comments on “Update

  1. Thanks so much for having the courage to share your story. Having been a victim myself, your words made me cry, but they’ve also given me something to ponder. My abuser is no longer alive but reporting his crime now may be just what I need. The officer who “wrote it down” also deserves some praise!

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    • he certainly does! Telling your story is incredibly powerful and healing, however you decide to do it. I’m so sorry someone hurt you, Chris- but SO glad you survived to tell the tale. xo

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  2. So many professions touch people’s lives. Many like police, see and interact with us in disturbing times. It’s good to let them know when their actions, words were helpful. Thank you for reminding is by sharing your experiences. And big thanks to Off Paul

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  3. To Officer Paul – you are a compassionate, wonderful person. Thank you. And to you three brave women…thank you – for your courage, for your writing, for your inspiration, and for keeping in touch with Officer Paul! 🙂 From one survivor to another ❤

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