Exciting News!

OOOKAY, Friends. Big day! Today is my first official day as a professional writer. I have a new blog (In Others’ Words isn’t going anywhere- this is just a new venture) over at DivorcedMoms. I am super excited about becoming part of their community. I’ll be talking about divorce (obviously) but mainly about embracing the ways in which we are broken, about honoring our losses, and speaking our truths.

Come visit me! Like the blog! Leave comments! Subscribe! Do all of the things! There’s also a new Twitter account and Facebook page associated with it, so come hang out those places as well.

There will be a new blog post up here tomorrow!

Welcome to The Golden Repair, sweet friends!


10 Comments on “Exciting News!

  1. Good for you. I went through a truly awful divorce myself but time, perseverance and more than a little courage brought me through the other side and into a great life – I know not everyone is as strong or maybe as lucky as me so your new venture is truly worthwhile and I know it will help an awful lot of people – look forward to reading and following.

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  2. Is “the golden repair” your writing? I guess I’m a bit confused! Nothing new.
    I’ve been divorced many years. I find I can think with fondness about my ex. But I have a hard time with friends who disappeared. Your thoughts on that are helpful. As is my conviction to try to be kinder to present day family and friends when they are mired in personal problems.
    I also had to smile at your observation that getting better emotionally and moving on is sometimes sabotaged by us not wanting to give the ex a pass on their behavior. Been there, did that. Best of luck on your ventures. I always enjoy your writing.


  3. This makes my heart happy! Can’t wait!! Thank you for sharing your gift with so many.

    Loves and hugs from spokane

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  4. Congratulations Laura!! Love you, wish you continued success and healing.


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