How much sorrow is enough?

They’re already using the nuanced language of lack of effort.

Jon Stewart

I think I could better bear the crushing sorrow I feel in the wake of this act of evil if I thought one single thing was going to change.

When these atrocities occurred in the past, I would think- we can’t ignore these issues NOW. In the face of this sort of hatred and unspeakable violence, people’s hearts and minds HAVE to be transformed. Our government CAN’T fail to make the hard decisions required to keep its own citizens safe on the streets, in their schools, in their CHURCHES.

I would say our leaders are failing us, but I’m not sure we have any leaders anymore. I think we will, as a country, mourn for a week or two. I think we’ll talk more about the racist madman who murdered people in cold blood than we will Susie, Depayne, Daniel, Ethel, Myra, Tywanza, Cynthia, Sharonda & Clementa. We’ll pretend he was just an unhinged young man and that this is an isolated act of violence.

We’ll do all of that while the Confederate flag flies over government buildings in the state where this act of domestic terrorism occurred.

Our country’s heart isn’t broken because this happened. This happened because our country’s heart is broken.

3 Comments on “How much sorrow is enough?

  1. So well said. I had a convrrsation with a friend from the south a few years ago. I spoke my concern about the ongoing use of the Confederate flag. They said, “it is just the way it is…. it doesn’t mean the same thing anymore” I disagree at such a deep level. We need to understsnd how harmful this symbol is and not give power to the dishonerable part of our past.

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    • If the German Parliament decided to fly a swastika over their government buildings, would we accept the explanation that it is just a cultural icon and doesn’t reference a genocide? We’d be outraged, and nervous as hell- and rightfully so. The fact that it is even open to discussion speaks the the deep and wide vein of racism that runs throughout this country.

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