Rest to resist


This is your brain on too much Twitter.

M’kay, loves.

I hit the outrage wall doing 90 recently. It felt like every time I stepped away from the computer I would come back to some new bit of awfulness.

Even when I was trying to work I would check newsfeeds, get distracted- re-post something, make a call, check a fact, engage with someone who commented on something I posted…

Lather, rinse, repeat.

I got done getting the kids ready for bed, let the dogs out. Saw that someone had retweeted a well-known white supremacist, who expressed his delight at how well this is all going.

I started to cry.

You guys. We’re three and a half weeks in. Are you exhausted?

I am. I’m exhausted.

I’ve been making excuses to not do things because I feel a responsibility to pay attention to every headline, weigh in on every issue, check every fact, call every elected official- and I’ve been forgetting to take care of myself.

4 years. 1460 days. And we’re 28 days in.

Sweet friends, we have got to remember this is a marathon, not a sprint. We cannot give away what we do not have. We cannot pour from an empty cup.

Eat. Sleep. Exercise. Laugh. Pet dogs. Dance. Flirt. Fall in love. Make art. Read books for pleasure. Get your ass to a meeting. Go outside. Drink water. Get quiet. Breathe salty air. Pray. Unplug- for the LOVE, please unplug from time to time.

We need every voice to speak out. We need every pair of feet to march. We need every heart to break.

We can’t get complacent. We can’t ignore what’s going on. We cannot un-know what we know.


In times like these, let’s call them ‘dumpster fire days,’ it’s more important than ever to seek joy like it’s your job.

Stay woke, my loves. But also, REST.


Here are ten things that are filling me up right now.  Please tell me what you’re doing for self-care in the comments!

  1.  Heading away to Austin for a long weekend with my Favorite.  No kids.  #thankyouJesus
  2. My dog.  All dogs.  Probably your dog.  What do people without dogs even DO with themselves right now?
  3. Checking in on my people.  When I start to get too stressed I text people I haven’t chatted with in a while and see how they’re doing.  Connection helps.  No being alone with the internet.  S’no good.
  4. UNPLUGGING.  Seriously.  Step. Away. From. Twitter.
  5. La La Land.  Have you seen it?  It’s not going to change anyone’s life and there are serious movies out there that deserve your attention- but this is a completely delightful slice of unabashedly romantic escapism pie.  Also, Ryan Gosling- which I never *got* before, but now. I. DO.  Late to the party, but I’m here.
  6. Boooooooks.  Just finished James Prescott’s Mosaic of Grace (see book review page) and Rachel Macy Stafford’s Only Love Today (review coming soon!)  Also, just heard Jen Hatmaker’s new book is called Of Mess and Moxie – so we’ve got that going for us.
  7. This Is Us.  I can’t even talk about it…. ohYESican.  Randall.  William.  Our Kate.  Jack.  Nope.  I was right.  I can’t.
  8. Tiny subversive acts.  They are unbelievably restorative.  I tweet to the Senate Majority Leader every morning.  He and I are going to be great friends.  I can feel it. He hasn’t responded yet- but nevertheless, I persist. seewhatididthere?
  9. Make a difference in YOUR community.  Meet a need right in front of you.  Small acts.  Great love.
  10. Listen for the voices of love.  Hate and fear are so LOUD- sometimes it’s easy to think those the only stories being told.  They’re NOT.  Here are just a few people you can reliably turn to for love stories:

Glennon Doyle Melton

Jen Hatmaker

Shauna Niequist

Matt Bays

Jacquie Lewis

Elizabeth Gilbert

Amandla Stenberg

Linda Sarsour

Rachel Macy Stafford

Humans of New York

The Work of the People

Valarie Kaur

James Prescott

John Pavlovitz

Broderick Greer

Rene August

Kid President


Okay, my loves.  If I’m writing this book (and I am) I need your help- I need to build this platform.

Please consider doing the following:

Come hang out with me on Facebook!

Follow me on Twitter!

Come see what my dog is doing on Instagram!

If you’re following me on Pinterest… don’t.   And I’m sorry.  I don’t even know how I ended up there…



6 Comments on “Rest to resist

  1. SIS came into my life exactly at the right moment!! I was just finding my voice, finally, at 63! This site validated and encouraged me more than you will ever know. But sadly, I didn’t expect it to become so political. I am a little sad about that. I totally respect everyone’s right to their thoughts and ideas but I am beginning to feel less and less comfortable here 😢 Just my opinion but I wonder if I am the only one.


    • I understand that. I do. Say it Survivor and this blog are two very different things, though. This is my personal blog- so while many of the posts you see on the SIS Fb page will be from here, this blog does not belong to SIS. You will never see anything of a political nature on Say It, Survivor unless it specifically deals with legislation around the subject of sexual abuse.

      I do hope you will continue to feel welcome here. xo


  2. Self kindness is vital and I find that so often it begins with my thoughts. When they jump on that hamster wheel, I have a choice in that moment to notice and to reframe and redirect them. I love touch and treat myself to a monthly deep tissue massage… It’s my purple haze time. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing who inspires you as you know I found YOU because because of Glennon. I am enjoying getting to know you and what matters to your heart. Thank you.

    Have a lovely long weekend and just BE as that is always enough, more than enough for now.

    I adore Tosha Silver, who wrote Outrageous Openness and Change Me Prayers. She is currently working on a new book about Offering. She’s amazing and also Lissa Rankin to name two of my favorites on my radar.

    Onward we go, Hand in hand, Heart to heart,
    Joanie/Mom of Douglas and Sarah
    Mimi to Haven, Greyson, Eden and a new Little in the womb
    Former elementary teacher, (25 years) hospital chaplain(10 years)
    An Unfinished Woman feeling my way through this life
    BEloved to my Great Self


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