You Need to Read – a conversation with Caroline McGraw


I was incredibly fortunate to be asked to participate in a video podcast series hosted by writer Caroline Garnet McGraw of A Wish Come Clear.  We both first became aware of each other through Glennon Doyle Melton’s blog, Momastery.  A few years back, Caroline guest-posted an essay about losing her best friend to addiction that absolutely gutted me. I just re-read it and wept again. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Caroline first heard of me through He Wrote It Down, a post of mine that Glennon shared in 2015.

Also, Caroline did an amazing TEDx talk about not owing anyone an interaction.  It’s really good stuff- especially if you are a writer on the interwebs.

Anyway, here is our conversation – one episode in her fabulous series, “You Need to Read.”  We talked about writing, telling your story publicly, shame, abuse, and publishing from a scar versus a wound.  It was like sitting down with a great girlfriend for a long, cozy chat.  I could have talked for twelve more hours with her, but apparently, she has a life…


If you click on the link to the podcast on Caroline’s blog, you can enter for a chance to win a copy of Glennon’s book, Love Warrior– which makes all kinds of serendipitous sense given that G is how Caroline and I found each other!!

Thanks again for having me, Caroline!!




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3 Comments on “You Need to Read – a conversation with Caroline McGraw

  1. Laura, it was a delight to talk with you for the interview series! Thank you for this generous post and for sharing your hard-earned wisdom; judging by the comments I’ve seen today, it’s really resonating.


  2. I love the theme of your blog, I love that it’s filled with inspiration you’ve divined from others’ words and your take on them. I love that I found Glennon, and Brene, and Anne, and Elizabeth and you and now Caroline too. You are all warriors that I am inspired by and honored to pick up a shield and stand next to, in hopes of forging forward towards healing and less loneliness. Carry on, warrior!


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