A little about me.

I am the single mom to two phenomenal kids who are both 800,000,000 times smarter than me.  I have a glorious dog, with whom I am obsessed.  Prior to my divorce, I spent 13 years as a stay at home mom, art teacher and perpetual PTA volunteer.  For the past few years I worked in Special Ed, which was one of the great joys of my life.  I’m a writer, artist, activist, music lover, a recovering alcoholic and a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.  I’m committed to spending the second half of my life being an advocate for fellow survivors and shining a light into all those dark corners.

Yep.  We’re gonna go there, friends.  Buckle up.

Also, what’s with the quotes?

“Have an original thought.” I had a creative writing teacher say that to a fellow student one time in front of the class. Oh, OKAY.

Just a thought that no one else in the history of EVER has ever had. No pressure. Yes, of course, we all want to be original, but isn’t everything derivative of something? I’m a reader. I love a well-written piece of fiction, a beautifully crafted sentence, a gorgeously constructed song, a poem that cracks me wide open.  A great idea. Anything written by Brene Brown, or Anne Lamott, or Mary Oliver.

Sometimes I’ll read something by one of my favorite writers, and I won’t be able to shake it. I’ll turn it round and round in my brain. It’ll nip at my heels as I go about my day. I’ll sit with it and cradle it in my heart. It will stay with me, nestled, like a seed, until it starts to grow into something new. And this seed from someone else’s writing becomes part of me, makes me see something from a new perspective, or changes my mind entirely. Brings something muddled into focus, or sends me off in a flight of fancy.

So often, that’s where I find my greatest inspiration- In Others’ Words.

Laura Parrott-Perry

Email:  inotherswordsblog@gmail.com

24 Comments on “A little about me.

  1. Hi, there! I just wanted to leave you a line that I mentioned you and your blog in my latest post. Thank you for such captivating and honest writing. You make the world a better place!


  2. I’ve just discovered you and i am so happy i did!! Does that make sense?
    I look forward to reading your other posts but is it okay if i could ask for a favour?


  3. You sound beautiful and inspiring and I’m so glad I found you. I feel an affinity with you already. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

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  4. I shared “He Wrote It Down” last year. And Facebook just reminded me, thankfully, prompting me to reread it. I will be sharing it again today, absolutely. You and your cousin – and your essay – showed so much resilience and strength. And even, incredibly, humor. Thank you both for raising your voices, and for your efforts to make sure other voices are heard! Greg

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      • Your piece was tremendously effective. I’m happy to help you keep spreading your message, and I’ll be sure to send along any comments from my Facebook friends that may interest you. All the best to you, and to your cousin Mary! Greg

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  5. Greetings fellow special education teacher – aren’t we the lucky ones!
    Just read the piece about you and your cousin reporting your grandfather, and while I read it, I was thinking about the stories of my own grandfather (he died before I was born – lucky me) and how no one in our family ever thought of reporting him – didn’t seem to be an option in those days. In a very simple and direct way, you were able to state what should have been obvious – he committed crimes – over and over again. Sad that the women in my family just whispered and hung their heads in shame.

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  6. Pingback: A little about me. I am a survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse, well now I would like to change the word survivor to …. thriver :() Last year I qualified as a Therapeutic Counsellor and now in the process of setting up a charity to support other surv

  7. I am not a survivor of childhood sexual abuse – mine occurred as an adult within the context of intimate partner violence, and I know they are not the same. I’m so sorry you endured this as a child but am encouraged by the strength you display in sharing your story and being a source of encouragement and healing to others. I have connected with quite a few survivors of childhood sexual abuse over the past year, and you all continue to inspire me every day. You are all amazing. Thank you for sharing that with others.


  8. Can’t see any place to reply to posts now. This is driving me nuts. If I manage to get this posted, you can delete it, but let me know you saw it, please.


  9. Second attempt at posting right here. Can’t see any place to comment on blogs and it won’t let me “like” someone’s comment. I have signed in to my blog, WordPress, and on here and don’t know what else to do. If this gets posted, feel free to delete it, but please let me know if you saw it. If I click “post comment” and it tells me to sign in AGAIN, I have no idea what to do or what has made this happen. For that matter, if it shows up here, I still won’t be sure what it took. :-O


  10. Only now got to read the piece about more than one side to your grandfather, but no place for me to post comments. I need to share that with someone I know.


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