“Me too.”

There is so much power in those two words.  Every single time I have been stuck in my life, every time I was in despair, in a toxic relationship, starving myself, eating too much, addicted, wrestling with perfectionism or struggling in the aftermath of my childhood sexual abuse,

I felt alone.

We get sold that bill of goods- all of us.  We think we are alone in our pain- that everyone else has it figured out and we are the ONLY ONES who cannot seem to navigate these things successfully.

It’s just not true, and it’s really harmful to buy into that.

So much of my work as a writer, activist and speaker is about destroying that myth- the myth that we are meant to do it by ourselves, that we should all just be able to handle this stuff as individuals.

Every time I have been in a room and spoken my truth I’ve healed a little more.  Every single time I’ve stood firmly in my truth, as a survivor, a recovering anorexic/bulimic, an alcoholic- even just as one more brokenhearted human being, I’ve ended up feeling more connected to the people around me.

Vulnerability is my superpower, as it turns out.

My truth leaves the door open for your truth, even if it’s different than mine.

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